Launched: 5 May 2005
HumWet Granular Wetting Agent for Turf

HumWet® G | Granular Wetting Agent

Quick Benefits

  • Long lasting

  • Prevents and corrects localized dry spots

  • Increases nutrient uptake, plant vigor, and stress tolerance

  • Promotes faster and more complete root development

  • Highly bioavailable Humic and Fulvic acids

  • 100% non-phytotoxic and safe for all types of turf

Product overview

HumWet® G is a Humic acid infused, granular soil surfactant engineered specifically for use on golf greens, tees and athletic fields. HumWet® G excels in the treatment of localized dry spots and significantly increases water and nutrient infiltration rates on hydrophobic soils.

Highly bioavailable sources of Humic and Fulvic acids assist in plant recovery to rapidly enhance turf appearance. HumWet® G is safe for use on all types of turf and can be applied at any time, regardless of season.

Usage instructions

HumWet® G can be blended with fertilizer and compost, or applied directly to soil via broadcast equipment. The addition of HumWet® G to fertilizer and compost blends is an excellent way to add hydrophilic properties to soil.

Standard rates of 50 pounds per acre applied quarterly, or 100 pounds per acre applied semiannually, are recommended depending upon soil requirements. Soil tests are encouraged to ensure the most accurate application rates.

Ornamentals: HumWet® G can incorporated into growing media at a rate of 1 to 1.5 pounds per cubic yard. Ensure thorough blending.

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