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Situated in Florida USA, AmegA Sciences pushes the boundaries of innovation to create
proprietary forward-thinking solutions for the turf and lawn care markets.

Offering a bespoke customer-first approach to private label manufacturing,
we produce better products for your company.

“Short-term profits are meaningless; fostering customer relationships and providing excellent products and support are the keys to long-term success”


Immerse Seaweed Tablets
Immerse Seaweed Tablets
True Blue™ Pond Dye
True Blue
Prominium™ Tablets
Prominium Tablets
Immerse GT
Immerse GT

Recent News

AmegA Sciences Official Website Redesign 2018

For the last three months, we’ve been working hard to develop a brand-new website for our brand, in order for us to better engage with our customers online. 2018 has been an incredibly busy year at AmegA and this website was just one of the tasks that we’ve had in the pipeline!

16th Sep '18

We are proud to announce the launch of Nutrium™

After an extensive period of research and development, it is our pleasure to introduce Nutrium™, our brand new line of premium turf amendment agents.

25th May '18

We are proud to announce the launch of CaSium™

After many months of research and development, it is our pleasure to introduce CaSium™, a premium turf amendment agent formulated to deliver highly-bioavailable calcium and silicon to a plant’s root system, thereby reducing oxidative stress and encouraging stronger cell wall formation.

6th July '18

Private Label With Us

We can create premium private label products for your company, shipped and ready for retail.

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Innovation + Process

Our focus is on finding elegant solutions through extensive R&D.

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Ethos + About

Strong business ethics and a hard working team drive everything we do.

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AmegA Sciences is committed to providing our customers with the best possible support. We have regional sales representatives to provide our customers with timely and personal response as well as a variety of other resources. In addition to our Sales and Technical Support Services, our main office is ready answer your questions via email or provide safety data sheets and label information.


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