AmegA Sciences is not simply a private label chemical manufacturing company, we are committed to innovating and improving every aspect related to our business, industry, and our customers’ needs. Our focus is not on short-term profits, but on creating industry-leading products and fostering successful, mutually beneficial long-term relationships with our customers.

Research and development (R&D)

AmegA Sciences has developed well over 100 formulations for the turf, ornamental, agricultural and horticultural markets. Over the years, we have garnered a reputation for our ability to quickly solve complex problems and create highly efficacious products that excel in the market place.

Research and development is a constant at AmegA Sciences and is guided by the goal of finding innovative solutions to the hardest problems facing the industries we serve. This outlook allows our R&D staff to explore a wider range of options, unconstrained by the worry of immediate profitability. Particular focus is put upon rapid iteration and testing which results in a nearly-constant stream of breakthroughs and new products.

Our particular product strengths include:

  • Wetting Agents and Soil Surfactants

  • Lake Dyes and Spray Pattern Indicators

  • Wetting Agent Pellets

  • Tank Cleaners

  • Adjuvants

  • Nutrients

  • Turf Pigments and Paints

  • Specialty Fertilizers

At AmegA Sciences, our R&D efforts are not simply constrained to chemistry. We have a highly-varied, multidisciplinary team constantly finding outside-of-the-box solutions for our customers. This is why we are frequently approached by companies from a wide-range of backgrounds and sizes for assistance: everything from startups, to multi-billion-dollar conglomerates.

Inventory and supply chain

Production is at the heart of AmegA Sciences and no expense is spared, nor corner cut to ensure that we can produce the highest-quality products consistently, at a pace that is unmatched in the industry. Indeed, nearly 90% of the orders we receive are shipped within 2 business days.

It all starts with inventory and our supply chain. Given that AmegA Sciences has over 100 formulations and offers a wide range of packaging options, it should be no surprise that we stock thousands of unique raw materials and hundreds of packaging items. This results in a tremendous amount of complexity, as lead times for these items can range from days to many months.

In 2014 we decided to design and program a custom inventory system to meet our unique requirements. Over the years, this system has grown significantly and proven to be an invaluable asset. In 2016, deep analytical tools were built into our inventory system allowing for extremely accurate predictive modeling which has effectively allowed us to ensure we always have what we need in stock.

Most manufacturing companies attempt to keep as little in stock as possible. However, here at AmegA Sciences we realize that responsiveness and quick turnaround times are extremely important to our customers, therefore we optimize inventory management to prioritize this.

Blending & quality control

AmegA Sciences is headquartered in a 4 acre, 78,000 square foot facility, and of this approximately 35,000 square feet is dedicated to blending and solid-product manufacturing. This is necessary to house our extensive equipment and tank collection which grants us the ability to manufacture a wide-range of products—many requiring special considerations—without delay.

Every product manufactured at AmegA Sciences undergoes an exhaustive quality control regiment. Once a product is manufactured, a sample is collected and taken to our in-house QC lab for testing. Only after the sample is confirmed to meet all specifications, is the product allowed to move from the blending division to the packaging area.

Packaging and logistics

AmegA Sciences has designed our packaging line from the ground up to ensure maximum accuracy, speed and flexibility. Virtually any pack size can be supported, everything from 4 ounce bottles all the way up to 275 gallon totes and even the filling of bulk tanker trucks.

Custom filling machines were engineered and built in-house to further our goal of maximizing production dynamism. These systems support rapid volume adjustments, from 4 ounces to 10 liters and have allowed us to reduce our minimum order size to just a single case of product, regardless of packaging type.

Induction cap sealing is standard on nearly all of our packaging sets for increased safety and durability. Further, every pallet leaving our facility is wrapped no less than 8 times by automated shrink-wrapping machines, and each pallet is photographed for record-keeping purposes.

AmegA Sciences can handle every aspect of shipping and logistics for our customer’s orders. Small parcels can be drop shipped via Fedex, while our extensive network of LTL and FTL trucking contacts can be leveraged for larger orders. Even International shipments are supported, and AmegA Sciences can organize door-to-door shipments whilst facilitating the creation of all required import/export documentation.


AmegA Sciences has had in-house label production capabilities since our inception. However, in recent years, label design and production has been greatly complicated by a myriad of new regulations (ranging from GHS to BS 5609). Due to this, many of our customers have requested that we take a larger role in both the design and end-to-end label production for their projects to ensure compliance. We take this responsibility very seriously, and have invested heavily in both staffing and equipment, so that we can offer the highest quality labels possible.

We have over half a dozen production printers to ensure that we can facilitate quite literally any print job, regardless of size or requirement. Our systems range from toner and pigment-based machines for smaller runs, all the way up to a 20ft long, state-of-the-art digital press with in-line lamination, digital cutting and die cutting capabilities which can print at speeds of up to 4 miles per hour.