What is private labeling?

Private labeling (PL) allows you to enhance your brand with custom made products that feature your labels, logos and company name.

PL suppliers usually have a particular focus or area of expertise and are therefore the best equipped to manufacture and innovate in that niche. At AmegA, our mission is to design forward-thinking proprietary formulations for agriculture, horticulture, turf and ornamental use.

Our particular product strengths include Lake Dyes, Spray Pattern Indicators, Wetting Agent Pellets, Tank Cleaners, Adjuvants, Nutrients, Turf Pigments, Paints and Specialty Fertilizers. If your business needs to stock any of the above products, keep reading and we’ll show you how we can help.

How can AmegA Sciences help my business?

Firstly, manufacturing is a lengthy, expensive process that requires a dedicated expertise, especially when it comes to chemical-based products. Why invest masses of time into formulating brand new products when we have already painstakingly researched, developed and made readily-available numerous alternatives for your company?

Our in-house processes are filled with innovative technology and state of the art machinery meaning we can offer your business a higher quality product than the status-quo. We also utilize a bespoke analytical inventory system which greatly improves turn-around time and ensures we maintain stock at all times, no matter how large the order is.

All in all, AmegA’s PL products save you time, offer your customers a better-quality service, and are abundantly available to meet your bulk-demands. The money and time that you save with our products can be better spent on marketing campaigns, brand identity and social media growth. Therefore, private labeling will supplement your overarching business operations and assist in the streamlining of your services.

Product customization

Due to our extensive catalogue of products, it is often possible for us to alter existing formulations to meet your specific requirements, rather than start development from scratch. This allows for significantly faster development and testing cycles, and therefore greatly improved market responsiveness.

At AmegA Sciences, we are open to customizing nearly any product in our catalogue to better suit your specific use-case and requirements.

Design and printing

AmegA Sciences has had in-house label production capabilities since our inception. However, in recent years, label design and production has been greatly complicated by a myriad of new regulations (ranging from GHS to BS 5609). Due to this, many of our customers have requested that we take a larger role in both the design and end-to-end label production for their projects to ensure compliance. We take this responsibility very seriously, and have invested heavily in both staffing and equipment, so that we can offer the highest quality labels possible.

We now have over half a dozen production printers to ensure that we can facilitate any print job, regardless of size or requirement. In fact, our in-house printing capabilities now exceed that of most dedicated commercial printing companies. This allows us to offer unparalleled speed and responsiveness and further reduces turnaround time, which results in orders shipping faster than ever.

If that’s not enough, we also offer other printing services as a courtesy. These include: flyer or booklet production, poster printing and banner creation.

Secrecy and zero conflicts of interest

AmegA Sciences is dedicated to earning our customers’ trust, and we take secrecy and discretion extremely seriously. We never discuss our customer relationships with third parties and are more than happy to review and sign non-disclosure-agreements (NDAs) provided by our customers for increased peace of mind.

We are strictly a private label, business-to-business (B2B) manufacturer and we do not sell direct. As a result, you can rest assured that we will prioritize your success and continued growth, as we (unlike other manufacturing companies) are not “double-dipping” by competing against our customers with an in-house brand of products.

Is AmegA a good fit for my company?

We work with numerous clients who utilize our services in many different ways, depending on their bespoke needs. We believe we can be an excellent asset to your business if you’re looking to build a powerful relationship with a credible supplier.

Short term profits are meaningless to us and they’re not factored into our overarching business goals. In actuality, what AmegA strives for is to help our partners improve their margins and increase their bottom line over long-periods, resulting in a shared mutual success but more importantly, a long-standing profitable and healthy relationship for both parties.

With that being said, here’s just some of the clients AmegA typically works with:

  • Distributors looking to increase their competitiveness and gain long-term stability/flexibility with the creation of a custom-branded product line.

  • Distributors that are looking to compete against a manufacturer they previously distributed for, after the manufacturer decides to sell direct to consumers/pursue the distributor’s customer base.

  • Established brands looking to easily/quickly expand their product line or enter a new market.

  • Established brands looking to either fully, or partially offload manufacturing/logistics/supply chain management to increase competitiveness, quality and/or turnaround time.

  • International clients looking for a manufacturing partner based in the U.S.

  • Startups looking to create a new brand or offer our products in an under-served market.

  • Retailers looking to offer store-branded products.

  • Established brands wanting assistance in product development (R&D), testing and rollout.

  • Competitors that decide to purchase from us rather than continue to compete either due to product quality, turnaround time or flexibility.

If your company fits into any of the above categories, there’s a very good chance that we will be able to provide a service which solves your problems or helps you reach your goals.

Product training and support

AmegA Sciences is committed to assisting your business in any way possible. With this in mind, we offer a wide-range of additional services to ensure you are setup for success and these include:

  • Product Training

  • Marketing Material creation

  • Custom product image creation

  • Custom packaging sourcing

  • Logistics & supply chain support


Forgo the hassle and overhead costs of manufacturing, labeling and shipping, and let us handle it. Browse through our product lists to find the perfect formulations for your service. Contact us and discuss how you want to customize your orders and watch while we expeditiously ship your finished product to you, ready for immediate use or sale.