Launched: 29 January 2019
Immerse 60D Soil Surfactant

Immerse 60D™ Extended Series Soil Surfactant

Quick Benefits

  • Treats soil hydrophobicity for up to 60 days

  • Allows for less-frequent applications

  • Excellent penetration, spreading and rewetting

  • Non-phytotoxic

  • 100% active formulation

  • Excellent efficacy

Product overview

Immerse 60D is a premium, 100% active soil surfactant engineered to offer excellent efficacy and unparalleled longevity. Immerse 60D continues treating hydrophobic soils for up to 60 days after initial treatment, allowing for less frequent applications and significant material and labor savings.

Immerse 60D is designed for use with all types of turf, including on: golf greens, golf tees, fairways and lawns. Immerse 60D is formulated to improve water efficiency at the root zone, and excels at treating localized dry spots (LDS). Immerse 60D can be used to improve turf quality and overall health during drought conditions or while facing water restrictions.

Usage instructions

Immerse 60D is best applied as part of a managed application program. Immerse 60D may be tank mixed with most all other turf materials being applied including nutrients, biostimulants, fungicides and insecticides.

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Immerse 60D launched 2019 by AmegA Sciences

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