Our ethos

AmegA Sciences is not simply a chemical manufacturer; we are a technology and solutions company with a heavy focus on serving our customers. Problem solving is at our core, and that outlook impacts every facet of the organization. The desire to find elegant solutions to complex problems is what drives our decision-making process.

Short-term profits are meaningless to us; fostering customer relationships and providing excellent products and support are the keys to long-term success. Every customer relationship is symbiotic: successes and failures are shared. We believe that good manufacturers create excellent products, but great manufacturers offer helpful and extensive customer services to compliment them.

We always put ourselves in the shoes of the businesses we work with: that is our understanding that quick timing is of utmost importance and margins must be conducive for growth and expansion. Our orders mustn’t be erroneous because our client and their customer could ultimately be affected. Our products must be superior to the competition because our clients require repeat business for their future success. It’s these kinds of thoughts which encapsulate the essence of why we conduct ourselves in the way we do.

AmegA Sciences strives to act with honesty and integrity, and everything we do is grounded in solid, ethical business principles. This is not a statement we like to say; we prefer to demonstrate it through our work and operations. At the core of our company is our team; men and women with a unified goal who work extremely hard to ensure our collective vision is seen. Every day brings new challenges and to be part of AmegA is to be a problem solver, a go-getter and a big-thinker. We do not have a traditional business hierarchy; we believe an opinion is valid because it is based in logic and reason. Therefore, we listen to each other and we help each other because team work is what AmegA Sciences truly excels in.

Our story

AmegA Sciences was established in 1984 in the UK, where it is currently the leading supplier of specialty chemicals for use in the turfgrass and lawn care market. In 2005 AmegA Sciences Inc. opened a manufacturing facility and offices in Florida in order to provide the same level of service and turfgrass expertise to the U.S Market.

AmegA Sciences flourished in the Florida sunshine researching and developing ever more innovative products, which are all available exclusively for Private Label. AmegA Sciences does not sell its own brand direct to the end user; we help our clients create their own brand line with multiple products that are suited for a variety of agricultural, amenity (turf and ornamental), and horticultural industry needs.