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Immerse GT

1. Immerse GT

Immerse GT is a 100% active premium soil surfactant formulated specifically to increase turf quality by treating soil hydrophobicity and promoting uniform moisture access on a root zone-level. Immerse GT excels at treating localized dry spots (LDS) and relieving stress in drought-stricken turf.

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Immerse Tablets

2. Immerse Tablets

Immerse tablets are 100% active wetting agent pellets designed to excel in the treatment of localized dry spots, and hydrophobic soil media. Immerse tablets improve water infiltration, thereby increasing watering efficiency and reducing the amount of water required to sustain turf health.

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Prominium Tablets

3. Prominium™ Tablets

Prominium™ tablets are 100% active wetting agent pellets which combine the industry-leading penetration, spreading and rewetting properties found in Immerse GT with cutting edge amino acid technology.

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HumWet Tablets

4. HumWet® Tablets

HumWet® tablets excel at treating localized dry spots and hydrophobic soil media, whilst also delivering a highly-bioavailable blend of Humic and Fulvic acids directly to a plant’s root system.

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Terra Quench soil surfactant with bio-stimulants

5. Terra Quench™

Terra Quench™ is a 100% active, biostimulant-infused premium soil surfactant. Terra Quench builds upon the signature wetting agent technology found in Immerse GT and HumWet® to offer excellent penetration, spreading and re-wetting, whilst also delivering a highly-potent blend of biostimulants directly to a plant’s root zone.

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Dew Clear Wetting Agents

6. Dew Clear

Dew Clear leverages cutting-edge, surfactant-based, penetrant technology engineered specifically to control dew and frost.

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Immerse Fairways Water Conserver Wetting Agents

7. Immerse Fairways

Immerse Fairways is an economical, non-ionic, wetting agent engineered specifically to aid in large-scale water conservation efforts.

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