Launched: 1 January 2013
Terra Quench soil surfactant with bio-stimulants

Terra Quench™ Soil Surfactant

Quick Benefits

  • 100% Active Formulation

  • Non-Phytotoxic

  • Excellent penetration, spreading and rewetting

  • Contains 10% organic, highly-bioavailable seaweed extract

  • Includes high-purity Fulvic acid for rapid root development and “green up”

  • Increases plant stress-tolerance​

Product overview

Terra Quench™ is a 100% active, biostimulant-infused premium soil surfactant. Terra Quench builds upon the signature wetting agent technology found in Immerse GT and HumWet® to offer excellent penetration, spreading and re-wetting, whilst also delivering a highly-potent blend of biostimulants directly to a plant’s root zone.

Terra Quench™ excels at treating localized dry spots (LDS) and hydrophobic soil media. Terra Quench™ contains an unprecedented, 10% by-weight biostimulant blend, derived from certified organic seaweed extract. This blend, along with high-purity Fulvic acid allows Terra Quench™ to greatly improve germination, root development and plant stress-tolerance.

Great source of plant hormones: auxins, gibberellins, cytokinins & betaines

Usage instructions

Terra Quench™ is best applied as part of a managed application program. Terra Quench™ is compatible with a wide range of turf products and can be tank-mixed with other materials during application.

Terra Quench™ should be watered in within 18 hours of application to ensure the product is properly placed in the soil profile.

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