Launched: 5 May 2005
Anti Drift adjuvant by AmegA Sciences USA


Quick Benefits

  • Actively reduces spray drift

  • Increases spray accuracy

  • Allows for safer applications

  • Reduces the number of fine spray particles

Product overview

Anti-Drift is a polymeric adjuvant engineered to reduce the number of fine particles created during spray applications, thereby significantly reducing spray drift. Since smaller particles are more susceptible to straying from the application site, the elimination of these particles results in increased spray accuracy. This not only improves safety, but also reduces the risk of damaging adjacent crops and contaminating watercourses.

Anti-Drift has unique visco-elastic properties which allows it to increase spray particle size, without negatively impacting spray volume.

Usage instructions

Anti-Drift should be thoroughly mixed with water before the addition of other materials to the spray tank.

Flat Fan Nozzles: Use Anti-Drift at a rate of 0.5% by volume of total spray solution.

Cone Nozzles: Use Anti-Drift at a rate of 0.25% by volume of total spray solution.

The use of Anti-Drift at higher-than-recommended rates can adversely impact spray pattern and volume.

Most current agrochemicals are compatible with Anti-Drift. Many herbicides and pesticides will have stated adjuvant use-rates on their labels. In all cases, the herbicide or pesticide manufacturer’s label should be consulted and followed regarding specific adjuvant usage recommendations.

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