Launched: 5 May 2005
Foam Marker by AmegA Sciences USA

Foam Marker

Quick Benefits

  • Hyper Concentrated

  • Low use-rates

  • Helps to eliminate overspray and spray overlap

  • Creates a firm and long-lasting foam

Product overview

Foam Marker is a hyper-concentrated foaming solution engineered specifically for the turf and ornamental market. Foam Marker creates a firm, long-lasting foam to help spray operators mark treated areas.

Foam Marker can be used on turf, fields, and bare soil. Foam Marker is also compatible with a wide-range of colorants and is readily tank mixable.

Usage instructions

Mix 1 part Foam Marker to 100 parts water. If firmer foam consistency is desired, mix 1 part Foam Marker to 80 parts water.

Foam Marker is best applied in large blobs for maximum visual effect. Adjust applicator air pressure if foam creation is inconsistent.

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Foam Marker Alternative View

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