Launched: 1 February 2017
Liquidium Soil Treatment


Quick Benefits

  • Increase soil porosity and aeration while reducing soil compaction.

  • Improves drainage while greatly reducing erosion.

  • Decreases harmful excess salts

  • Increases soil CEC (Cation-Exchange Capacity)

  • Non-Toxic and may be used on bare soils, turf, ornamental fruits and vegetables

  • Reduces turf thatch buildup due to compacted soils resulting in stronger root systems.

Product overview

Liquidium® is a hyper-concentrated formulation engineered to reduce excess sodium content in soil, whilst increasing water penetration by loosening compacted media. Due to these soil-loosening properties, Liquidium® also greatly improves soil drainage, which can provide relief to waterlogged turf and crops.

The hyper-concentrated nature of Liquidium® makes the treatment of compacted soil, easier and less expensive than ever before; a single gallon of Liquidium® contains more available calcium than 800 pounds of granular gypsum. Additionally, Liquidium® leverages potent supplemental wetting agent technology to increase its penetration power and overall efficacy.

Usage instructions

1 gallon of Liquidium® contains more available calcium than 800 pounds of dry gypsum. Application rates will be contingent upon soil analysis.

Safety Data Sheet

This product has a Safety Data Sheet, please request the SDS by contacting us.

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Liquidium Gypsum alternative view

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