Launched: 25 May 2018
Nutrium Ca+ Wetting Agents by AmegA Sciences USA

Nutrium™ Ca+ Soil Surfactant

Quick Benefits

  • High Bioavailability Nutrients

  • 25% Calcium

  • 30% Active Soil Surfactants

  • Custom Amino Acid Blend

Product overview

Highly Bioavailable Calcium Plus 30% Soil Surfactants

Nutrium™ Ca+ is a premium turf amendment agent formulated to deliver highly-bioavailable calcium and amino acids to a plant’s root system, thereby reducing oxidative stress and encouraging stronger cell wall formation.

Nutrium™ Ca+ contains an unparalleled concentration of proprietary soil surfactant technology to efficaciously bypass and treat hydrophobic soil media and distribute 25% calcium, and 1% amino acids directly to a plant’s roots. The custom L-amino acid blend in Nutrium™ Ca+ promotes the production and storage of carbohydrates, increasing plant stress tolerance and the creation of building block proteins for chlorophyll.

Usage instructions

Shake well before use!

Soil Usage: 0.20 - 4 gallons per acre.

Guaranteed Analysis

  • Soil Surfactants...30%

  • Calcium (Ca)...25%

  • Amino Acids...1%

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