Launched: 5 May 2015
True Blue Pond Dyes

True Blue™ Pond Dye

Quick Benefits

  • Safe for humans, pets, fish, birds and livestock

  • Enhances water color of ponds, lakes and water features

  • Creates a vibrant, yet natural blue

  • Improves water clarity

  • Filters UV rays

  • Highly concentrated

Product overview

True Blue is a safe, ultra-concentrated pond dye formulated to enhance the color of lakes, ponds and other water features. True Blue creates a vibrant, yet natural blue that naturally propagates through self-contained bodies of water.

Usage instructions

A single gallon of True Blue treats one surface acre of water at a depth of 4 to 6 feet (approximately 1,500,000 gallons of volume).

True Blue naturally disperses and will mix uniformly throughout the treated body of water over approximately a 24 hour period. If deeper color is desired, additional True Blue can be used.

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