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80/20 Speciality Surfactant

1. 80/20 Specialty Surfactant

80/20 SS is a specialty surfactant designed to increase coverage, penetration and overall-efficacy of a wide range of herbicides and fertilizer solutions. In addition to state-of-the-art wetting agent technology, 80/20SS also contains ammonium sulfate (AMS) to promote plant uptake of spray solution, ensuring maximum performance.

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Anti Foam Defoaming Agent

2. Anti-Foam Defoaming Agent

Anti-Foam is a hyper-concentrated defoaming agent formulated specifically for use in the agricultural, ornamental and turf markets. Anti-Foam works by reducing surface tension on contact, eliminating the conditions under which foam can form.

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Anti Drift adjuvant by AmegA Sciences USA

3. Anti-Drift

Anti-Drift is a polymeric adjuvant engineered to reduce the number of fine particles created during spray applications, thereby significantly reducing spray drift.

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Balanced H2O Adjuvants

4. Balanced H2O

Balanced H2O is a pH buffer and water conditioner engineered to reduce the pH of spray solution, whilst also boosting performance through improved penetration.

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