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FreeCal Soil Salt Management

1. FreeCal Salt Management Technology

FreeCal is designed to remedy soils that are high in salts and bicarbonates and/or are irrigated with marginal water.

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Liquidium Soil Treatment

2. Liquidium®

Liquidium® is a hyper-concentrated formulation engineered to reduce excess sodium content in soil, whilst increasing water penetration by loosening compacted media. Due to these soil-loosening properties, Liquidium® also greatly improves soil drainage, which can provide relief to waterlogged turf and crops.

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3. Tablicator™ Custom Tablet Applicator

The Tablicator™ was designed and engineered in-house by AmegA Sciences for use with 8 oz. Immerse, HumWet®, and Prominium™ tablets. Its durable construction and highly-versatile nozzle ensure maximum performance and ease-of-use.

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Clarify Tank Cleaner by AmegA Sciences USA

4. Clarify™ Spray Tank Cleaner

Clarify™ tank cleaner is formulated to help deactivate harmful herbicide deposits and residue in spray tanks and equipment, ensuring that they can safely be used for future applications.

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Anti Transpirant

5. Anti-Transpirant

Anti-Transpirant is a specialty wax emulsion designed to reduce the amount of moisture lost through plant leaves.

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Foam Marker by AmegA Sciences USA

6. Foam Marker

Foam Marker is a hyper-concentrated foaming solution engineered specifically for the turf and ornamental market. Foam Marker creates a firm, long-lasting foam to help spray operators mark treated areas.

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